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Throughout 2010, Jake Kelly painted a series of full-size movie posters designed for movies of his own creation. He has made up a world of fictional actors, directors and production companies down to the last detail (including involved synopsis and production histories for each) for 1970’s style horror and exploitation films. Kelly enlisted the help of fellow artist John G. to further add to the illusion of reality he was creating. John used his considerable design skills to create a huge array of ephemera and movie memorabilia: VHS boxes, production stills, novelizations, action figures and many more odds and ends.

The Lake Erie Monster
Fastasm Jones
Nightmare Noel
Border Patrol
Don’t Go In The Yard
Spacefighter Z
Six Heads
Rape At A Rest Stop
Crocodile River Massacre

These posters are all available as a SET OF ALL TEN for just $50 ($5 per poster, postage paid!).


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  1. […] The flagship story is an “adaptation” of an fake movie that J. Kelly developed for a series of Ten Imaginary Movie Posters. Set in the 1970s, we follow a cast of eclectic characters as they have to navigate the choppy […]

  2. […] After an introduction by a punning, Cryptkeeper-like horror host character who calls himself The Commodore, and who resembles a red-eyed, rotting corpse version of Commodore Oliver Hazard “Don’t Give Up The Ship” Perry, Kelly and G. present the first part of the “The Lake Erie Monster,” a story created to go along with one of the ten imaginary movie posters they had previously created. […]

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