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We recently sold out of print copies of The Lake Erie Monster #2, so we want to make it as easy as possible to download and read the digital versions of both that issue and The Lake Erie Monster #1. The digital version of The Lake Erie Monster Summer Special 2014, featuring the stand alone story The Weight of a Fly by Jake Kelly, is also available for FREE.

As always, you can still purchase the print editions and digital versions of the other issues in the Shiner Comics Store!





The long awaited fifth issue of The Lake Erie Monster, an ongoing rust-belt horror anthology comic book created by Jake Kelly (flier artist and muralist) and John G (poster artist and designer behind MELT Bar & Grilled’s graphics) and self-published under John’s Shiner Comics banner, will be released on Saturday, June 7th. A party and art show will be held at BUCKBUCK Gallery, 3910 Lorain in the bustling Ohio City neighborhood. The issue will hit the stands at their regular retailers on the following Wednesday, June 11th.

Fans of ‘The Lake Erie Monster’ have followed the series of events set in 1970’s Cleveland involving a terrifying humanoid-fish monster that comes ashore to attack unsuspecting hoboes, hippies, journalists, cops and teenagers. The intrepid heroes have converged on the abandoned Euclid Beach Park, having tracked the location as the potential nest of the creature from the polluted depths of Lake Erie. Issue five is a double sized, 30 page action packed finale to the epic saga, wrapping up with a thrilling climax!

As an added bonus for their most loyal readers, Shiner Comics will have available an exclusive limited edition of The Lake Erie Monster Summer Special, free to the first 30 people that buy the fifth issue at the release party. This 12 page comic features the horrifying story called The Weight of a Fly, by Jake Kelly.

BUCKBUCK will also have a special, one-night-only exhibit made up of a selection of the original art from the five issues of The Lake Erie Monster comics, all drawn by John G and Jake Kelly.


It’s DONE. The Lake Erie Monster #5. Stay tuned for full details!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, regular posts are going up over on Shiner Comics new tumblr:!


TONIGHT! The monster movie classic Humanoids From The Deep (the one from 1980) is screening at Midnight at The Capitol Theatre. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, this is THE opportunity to catch it for the first time on the big screen!

Unfortunately, we will not be releasing The Lake Erie Monster #5 at the screening, as we had planned. However, John G had some health issues in April that pushed the drawing process back a little. We’ll be posting again when we have some more details about the release when it’s closer to being finished.

We will be set up there tonight with copies of The Lake Erie Monster issues 2-4, and prints of this Humanoids poster, as well as a few other poster prints from the archives!

Hey Kids! The fourth terrifying issue of The Lake Erie Monster is finally here and available! We’re hard at work on The Lake Erie Monster #5 over here at Shiner Comics HQ, but we’ll be sending our henchmen out to deliver copies to all our awesome local retailers in the coming week. For those non-local loyal readers, you can always order directly from us by way of Shiner Comics Store. Issues #2 and #3 are still available, and we do have a digital version of issue #1 listed (a second print edition will be available very very soon!).


Jake Kelly and John G will also be at this year’s Cinema Wasteland (at the Holiday Inn in Strongsville), the weekend of April 5th-7th, on hand to sell and sign copies of The Lake Erie Monster comics and posters, sharing a booth with Cleveland Cinemas and Phantom Pain Films!


Scene Magazine’s first annual Comics Issue is out and on the stands this week! They’ve assembled 5 local comic creators to breakdance on the loose theme of Cleveland: Past, Present, Future, including The Lake Erie Monster’s own John G and Jake Kelly, along with Gary and Laura Dumm, MJ Robinson and Kevin Czapiewski!

Jake contributed a Commodore’s Cleveland page to the issue, more of which can be found in the pages on The Lake Erie Monster comics books! (still available online or at select Cleveland area retailers):

John G’s contribution is this odd look into the world of the Gordon’s Square and life of The Non-Temporal Man:

Here’s MJ Robinson’s conversation with surly ol’ Cleveland, The Dog. Be sure to head over to to check out more of her clever and awesome comics:

Gary and Laura Dumm take on our most loved and respected sometimes home for Monsters, but always a source of pride and debate, The LAKE ERIE:

Lastly, but never leastly, Kevin Czap takes us on a walk through the probably future to Perf House with some lovable future youths, I like these kids:sc_010913_czap

The Lake Erie Monster #2 is NOW AVAILABLE all over the Cleveland area! Our retailers are listed on the Buy The Comic page (and as of this posting all but Comic Heaven in Willoughby have it). Plus, we’ve added one of our new advertisers, Joy Machines bike shop on West 25th, to the ranks of retailers selling the comic. Please support these retailers! They are all locally owned small businesses and are really really awesome at what they do.

If you are not from Cleveland, The Lake Erie Monster #2 is also available for mail order in the Shiner Comics Store. The print edition of The Lake Erie Monster #1 is SOLD OUT, but the digital version is only ONE DOLLAR. It’s the same exact comic, only as a pdf file you can read on any computer or tablet.

Big Thanks to our friends at Blue Arrow Records, DJ John Neely, and everybody that came to the release party for The Lake Erie Monster #2! We had a blast again, and it was fun meeting some new friends and hanging out with everybody!

The highly anticipated and much feared second issue of Cleveland’s horror anthology comic, The Lake Erie Monster, is coming! The release party is at Blue Arrow Records (16001 Waterloo Rd) on Saturday, July 28th from 6pm to 9pm! J. Kelly and John G have raised the stakes with their sophomore issue by adding pages and upping the print run, after the first issue SOLD OUT in just over one month!

In this issue we continue the gruesome flagship tale with Part 2 of The Lake Erie Monster “movie adaptation” as written by J. Kelly and illustrated by John G. We also have J. Kelly’s terrifying take on the violence of vegetation with our back-up story GREENS. Of course you’ll find another of The Commodore’s Cleveland pages, along with slightly even more artful and zany ads for your favorite local small businesses (often remarked on as a favorite part of the comic)!

Keep your attention focused on this website here for previews and updates as the clock ticks down to July 28th, 2012!

There will be a exclusive limited edition signed and numbered screen print, exquisitely printed by friend of The Commodore Kate Tobin, available for the first 30 people who buy the comic. Also available will be a free Map of Cleveland Oddities, pins, stickers, and more! John Neely, of WCSB’s “The Big O” will return to the turntables to spin only the finest and most revered of Ohio’s own rock n’ roll records.

This release is happening in tandem with the release of Cleveland’s Rock Destroyers ALL DINOSAURS‘ sophomore full length LP, The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior! The band will be playing a release show at The Beachland Tavern with friends and local punk heroes Two Hand Fools, and Natural Disasters (From Kalamazoo, Mi)!

Not only have we heard The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior, but we’ve have had it absolutely cranked in The Volcano as we’ve been grinding away on The Lake Erie Monster #2 and other mysterious occult projects. You need to own this record! The best way to ensure that you get yourself a copy is to PRE-ORDER it through ALL DINOSAURS’ Kickstarter project page, where there’s multitudes of incentive options from just ordering the digital release ($5), to having the band come play wherever you want ($300). In particular, at the $25 pledge and up, you will get both Paranoid Indigenous (All Dinosaurs’ first record), The Rules of Civility and Decent Beghavior, and an exclusive limited edition print by The Lake Erie Monster’s own John G. Additionally, at the $150 pledge, which there are 2 options for, you will receive one of John G’s original drawings either for the poster for the show of the video premier for “Castle of Uncle Robert” or the poster for Paranoid Indigenous! Please see the post on John G’s blog for further info about that and images of the art!

Just wanted to post an update on The Lake Erie Monster #1 retailers situation. The issue’s been selling out all over the place! Carol & John’s Comics sold out last week, and re-upped for 20 more copies, so they should have it. Comics Are Go! in Sheffield Village out by Lorain County Community College sold out of their initial copies and have been restocked. Above you will see The Lake Erie Monster #1 sharing shelf space with some of our favorite comics, creators, and publishers.

A) B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Long Death #3 by Mike Mignola, John Acrudi, and James Harren, published by Dark Horse. This comic, and the entire Hellboy/BPRD line, is nothing short of amazing. In this issue a Wendigo fights a Were-Jaguar for like, 16 of 22 pages.

B) Reset #1 by Peter Bagge, also published by Dark Horse. Have not read this yet, but Bagge’s comics are a constant source of hilarity and despair.

C) Ragemoor #2 by Jan Strnad the legendary horror comic artist Richard Corben. Again, haven’t read this yet, but Corben is a monumental inspiration.

D) Cleveland by Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant, published by Top Shelf. This is a really beautiful book, and an incredible epilogue to an exceptionally long career of telling stories about a particular place. The Lake Erie Monster is very much indebted to Harvey Pekar for his contribution to both the comics medium and the city we love and call home.

E) Rachel Rising #7 by independent comics legend Terry Moore, who has been creating and publishing his own comics for as long as we can remember. Doing his own thing, going his own way, and crushing it the entire time.

F) The Shadow #1 by Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell, published by Dynamite. While we can’t vouch for this particular comic book, it is interesting to note that The Shadow, one of the OG pulp characters from way back when, keeps coming back for more. It came from an era of disposable culture, and has outlasted most of everything since. In the distant future there will probably be brain-cast holo-comix about The Shadow.

G) The Sixth Gun #21 by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurt, published by Oni Press. Now, this comic, we can vouch for! The Sixth Gun is an awesome horror/western/action comic about supernatural weaponry and the desperadoes who love them. Really great comics!

H) The Walking Dead #96 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn, published by Image Comics. Again, having not read this, it’s of note as maybe the most obvious “Best Case Scenario” for an independently published comic book.

I) Dark Horse Presents #11 by Various, published by Dark Horse. Dark Horse Presents has a long history as the best of comics anthologies going back to the late 80s. This current incarnation has been pretty great, overall. Some stories are hit or miss, but every issue has at least a couple that really stand out. Issue #4 has an amazing piece by friend of Shiner Comics, Dara Naraghi. Issue #7 has a really well done, stand-out piece by another friend of Shiner Comics, Brandon Graham.

There you have it, that’s what The Lake Erie Monster is sharing shelf space with down at Comics Are Go! It’s an honor for us, and we’re stoked to be in such great company. We would also like to thank all of our great retailers, and everyone who’s bought the comic. We’re eternally grateful for all the support. We’re hard at work on issue 2, so mark late June on the calendar. Things are going to be heating up!

If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, and would like one, the best way to find out where they are sold, or to buy one directly from us, is to click on the “Buy The Comic” page at the top of this blog. Thanks Again!