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Ahoy there, shipmates! We’re up to our third issue of The Lake Erie Monster, and it’s pretty much a perfect jumping on point if you were lost at sea for the first two issues. To give you an idea of what’s going on in our flagship tale of Cleveland’s treacherous yesteryear, we’ve decided to preview the issue with the first 5 pages.

We’ve updated our list of local retailers over at our Buy The Comic page with our most recent additions, if you’re in the Cleveland area. If not, or ya can’t make it to one of these fine establishments, you can always order the comics through our very own Shiner Comics Store.







And that’s just the start of it! This issue also includes a double page The Commodore’s Cleveland, the introduction of The Commodore’s Parlor, an all new 10 page back up story called The Bumble Run, along with all the zany ads and extras our readers love and clamor for each issue!

Another quick note, The Lake Erie Monster #2 is still available, and though the print edition sold out, and we will be reprinting it shortly, the digital version of The Lake Erie Monster #1 is still only $1!


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