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Scene Magazine’s first annual Comics Issue is out and on the stands this week! They’ve assembled 5 local comic creators to breakdance on the loose theme of Cleveland: Past, Present, Future, including The Lake Erie Monster’s own John G and Jake Kelly, along with Gary and Laura Dumm, MJ Robinson and Kevin Czapiewski!

Jake contributed a Commodore’s Cleveland page to the issue, more of which can be found in the pages on The Lake Erie Monster comics books! (still available online or at select Cleveland area retailers):

John G’s contribution is this odd look into the world of the Gordon’s Square and life of The Non-Temporal Man:

Here’s MJ Robinson’s conversation with surly ol’ Cleveland, The Dog. Be sure to head over to to check out more of her clever and awesome comics:

Gary and Laura Dumm take on our most loved and respected sometimes home for Monsters, but always a source of pride and debate, The LAKE ERIE:

Lastly, but never leastly, Kevin Czap takes us on a walk through the probably future to Perf House with some lovable future youths, I like these kids:sc_010913_czap


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  1. By Cleveland the Dog | on 11 Jan 2013 at 10:38 am

    […] Check out the other comics on the theme “Cleveland: Past, Present, Future” by Jake Kelly, John G, Gary & Laura Dumm, and Kevin Czapiewski here. […]

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