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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Another of The Commodore’s Cleveland Clippings to start the week off right! We are almost sold out of the copies of The Lake Erie Monster #1 left listed in the Shiner Comics online store, so order yours now! All the orders placed over the weekend will be sent out this afternoon.

Check back in later in the week for more of The Commodore’s Cleveland Clippings and some hype! Plus, maybe a preview of The Lake Erie Monster #2!


The Commodore’s Cleveland Clipping today features Rosamund Wiley at Case Western University back in 1922.

Also wanted to mention that all the online orders for The Lake Erie Monster comic and posters have been shipped! We’ve got some more hype to update on the blog soon, but that will have to wait for a minute. We’re furiously working on ISSUE #2!

Another of The Commodore’s Cleveland Clippings, this time featuring that friend of The Commodore, Leon “The Thing in The Clock” Hall! There are many more Clippings on deck, so make sure to check back frequently. There have also been many awesome media happenings, so expect a post later with links to mad hype!

The Lake Erie Monster is featured on the cover of this week’s Cleveland Scene Magazine! We made it into this week’s From The Dork Side column by Michael Gallucci! Read the article here: It Came From Cleveland!

Big huge thanks to our dude Aaron Sechrist for doing such an incredible design treatment with our cover art! Check out his own website:!

For new visitors to the site, the best way to grab a copy is by hitting up one of our local retailers we’ve got listed HERE: Buy The Comic! For anybody not local to Cleveland, the best way is still to order it by way of the Shiner Comics Store.

We are still working on getting a digital version available, but it should in the next few days!