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Just a quick note to mention that copies of The Lake Erie Monster #1 are now in a couple more Cleveland area stores. For the full list, with addresses, check the Retailers page here on the site. If you’re not located in the Cleveland area or you can’t get to one of these fine retail outlets, there’s always the Shiner Comics Store for mail orders! There’s plenty of other great items to browse and choose from in addition to your copy of The Lake Erie Monster #1!

Carol & John’s Comics, in Kamm’s Plaza on the corner of Riverside and Lorain Rd, has a whole lot of copies! It’s right across the street from a Steak & Shake too, so the move is to go buy a bunch of comics, get a milkshake, then read comics and drink a milkshake and have an awesome time. Just a suggestion.

Both Big Fun locations, on Coventry and on Clifton just east of W. 117th St. Big Fun is where you’ll find every single thing you forgot how much you loved as a kid, plus a zillion other things you never even knew existed. It’s a sensory overload of awesome stuff in every direction covering every possible inch of the store. If you go to the Coventry location, you can pop into Tommy’s for a milkshake to drink while you read your comic. If you go to the Clifton store, Sweet Moses is seriously not 7 minutes away on Detroit, you can even sit at the bar and red your comic there.

The coffee/record shop Loop, down in Tremont, has copies. On a personal note, I will just say that I think Loop’s coffee is the best cup of coffee I’ve had in Cleveland. I like other coffee shops too, and I go to other coffee shops more frequently, but every time I get a cup of coffee at Loop I think to myself “This is goddamn good”. I don’t think they serve milkshakes, but Scoops is over on Professor, not too far away.

Comics Are Go way out in Sheffield Village has a bunch of copies now too. If you take I-90 West from Cleveland, you get off at the Rt 254 exit and hang a left. It’s right by Lorain County Community College, off Abby Rd (Rt. 301) in the Drug Mart plaza. Oddly enough, there is also a Steak & Shake right by there, down Abby a little bit. Recipe for a good time.

Blue Arrow Records, just down the way from The Beachland Ballroom, has a bunch of copies on hand. They’ve also got a ton of records to dig through, and some pretty sweet cats hanging out! ANYWAY, we’re going to need some help with this last one, intrepid readers. I have no idea where to get a good milkshake and read comics at in Collinwood, so comment your suggestions, or if you’re bashful, email The Commodore:!

This is the initial drawing of The Commodore, by John G! He’s a ghastly gentleman, but he knows his stuff.


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