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Our friends over at Ideastream were kind enough to have us on Around Noon again yesterday to talk to Dee Perry about The Lake Erie Monster. Listen to the interview: Click HERE!

If you’re really interested and want to delve deep into the origins of this project you can still listen to our first appearance on Around Noon, when we spoke to Dee Perry last January!

Jak Prints put together a short video about The Lake Erie Monster, and posted some great shots from the release party, over on their blog: HERE! Hey, you can see how ridiculous our beards are! It’s a pretty great blog, today’s post is on Typography with a Capital “T”! Check it out:

Thanks to everybody that ordered The Lake Erie Monster via the Shiner Comics Store! Orders have been coming in rapidly, and we’re very grateful for every single one of them. We’re shipping packages out almost as soon as we get them, so if you placed an order- hold fast, it will be arriving soon! If you haven’t ordered yet, but want a copy of the comic or poster- you may want to act fast!

For all the local Clevelanders, we’ve added a Retailers page to the site, where we will update the list of locations that the comic is available! I’ll be writing more about that soon, but the list should grow as we distribute the books!


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